Yet another meme…

The idea here is to remove the blog in the top spot from the list, bump everyone else up one place and add your blog at the bottom. You then have to answer some questions.

Whee! All The Way Home

Melanie in Orygun

Mommified Me

Bumblebee Sweet Potato

building bridges

What were you doing 10 years ago?
-exactly 10 years ago I was counting the days to my first visit to Canada on July 13 1997. That was the day Alan and I met for the first time in flesh.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
-Starting my research at the archives in Barcelona

Five Snacks You Enjoy

-nachos & homemade guacamole
-nuts in general
-chips fried in olive oil that we had in Spain
-olives & cheese

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To

-Faroeste Caboclo (9min monster by Legiao Urbana)
– Wish you were here (Pink Floyd)

…. hmmm, I don’t think I know any other lyrics… I used to know Hamlet’s soliloquy and W.H Auden piece from Four Weddings and a Funeral

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire (well, a million doesn’t go that far anymore. I’ll assume that we’re talking more than one million)

-buy a Harley Davidson for Alan
-go on a trip around the world
-buy an apartment in Paris and Barcelona
-iPhone with an unlimited plan (I’m with you landismom)
-take a Cordon Bleu cooking course

Five Bad Habits

-too much time on internet
-not enough time picking up after myself
-too little focus
-too much worrying
-not enough time spent with friends

Five Things You Like To Do

-discover new libraries and bookstores
-browse the internet
-eat dinner in expensive restaurants with my spouse

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again

-shoulder pads – gosh, what were we thinking???
-green clothes when visiting a Botanical Garden – I merge into the background in every picture we took…
-a miniskirt and short shorts – my legs are too long, I just don’t look good in them
-6″ stiletto heels (I agree with you landismom!)
-baggy t-shirts

Five Favorite Toys

-my laptop
-my Nikon D80
-my new cellphone
-my Minolta
– my palm pilot

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