Farmer Markets & the new consummer

During the summer months, Toronto is filled with markets where local farmers sell their ware. I feel very bad that I still haven’t been able to patronize some of these markets – they are usually during the week – but at least I get to buy local, seasonal produce at the Pusateri Fresh Market, on Church St.

This weekend, the Toronto Star ran a piece comparing two farmer’s markets: the more upscale one at the Brickworks, and the traditional one at Nathan Philips Square, near City Hall. In it, the author criticizes the Nathan Philips Square market for not having music or entertainment for the kids. Please. It’s a market. Where people go to buy fruits and vegetables. Is entertainment for kids a good criteria??

Well, Taste T.O. took exception to the article and wrote their own defence of the Nathan Philips Square market. I have to agree with their conclusion:

“It is not the job of the farmer or the farmer’s market to entertain us, to baby-sit our kids or to give us that “back to the farm” experience. It is not their job to ensure that we feel a sense of community, or to ensure that we go home feeling all warm and rosy because, ooh, look, we supported a farmer today. Let’s stop being so demanding and so damned patronizing and let the farmers do their job – to grow the food we eat. Isn’t that enough of a responsibility?”

Read the full piece here.


Author: guerson

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2 thoughts on “Farmer Markets & the new consummer”

  1. You know, the farmers’ markets are probably the thing about TO that I miss the most. We used to live across the street form St. Lawrence and every weekend the farmers Market on the north side was my favorite placce to shop for the week’s groceries.

    I have to agree whole heartedly with the conclusion of the review you cite. Why on earth should we expect those people who grow and supply the good at the markets to entertain us and provide day care? Isn’t that missing the point?

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