Saturday Bike Ride

Since it was sunny, dry, and cool (high of 21 C today) we decided to go for a bit of a bike ride by the lakeshore. Toronto’s lakeshore used to be pretty abandoned, a mostly industrial area, and in the past few years much money has been poured into making the place a nice place to enjoy the outdoors.  There are bike paths, rowing clubs, tennis clubs, a massive pool, amusement parks, anything to entertain the crowds.

The plan was to meet up with our friend Heidi, who wanted to check out a new Italian cafe/restaurant that opened along the lakeshore somewhere west of High Park. So off we went. On the way, we passed by the entrance of CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) grounds and came upon a big parade! Apparently, the CNE was being opened just then. So we snapped a few shots of all the bagpipers and the flags, before we continued on our way. We took our time, the weather was truly beautiful! As far as I’m concerned, there should be a maximum temperature of 25 degrees in the summer… We got to the place around 11:30, just in time for a nice brunch. We lingered on for two hours, sipping our perfectly-made capuccinos at leisure. On the way back, we cut through High Park and some nice residential streets before getting home about an hour ago. We did about 25km, which is not much on a bike, and feel really good. I think we might explore High Park a bit more tomorrow…

Here’s a map of our route. The red is our way there and the blue is the route back…

Bike path

And here’s a slide show of the opening of the CNE and some pics I shot along the way…



Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

One thought on “Saturday Bike Ride”

  1. Ale,
    Preciso tb me animar e tirar a bike do locker.. Com os 40º todos os dias estava bem dificil ficar na rua.. Mas agora com 20/25 é a hora certa… Vou me inspirar em vcs e começar minhas pedalar já :)

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