Slow day…

I didn’t go to the library yesterday. The day was grey and uninviting, my hand hurt, the house was a mess and needed cleaning, it’s august; my head came up with many plausible explanations for justifying not working yesterday.

I ended up going to the Nathan Philips’ Square Farmers’ Market in the morning, doing a bit of cleaning, a bit of cooking (made some green curry), lots of browsing and posting in forums on the internet, and tried, in vain, to push away the feeling of guilt for not working.

Today is not much better. I had to be home before 2 pm since we are meeting some friends from Montreal for a late lunch so I decided not to go to the library again. I had brought home some of the photocopies of the registers I need to enter in my database so I figured I could work at home. I’m now at the Second Cup down the street, where there is no internet, entering data in my database. I’m saving this text to post later…

I wish I could take vacations without feeling guilty…

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

4 thoughts on “Slow day…”

  1. I’ve always felt that taking a scheduled day off is a lot easier and more relaxing than days where you tell yourself you will get things accomplished and then just blow them off. At least when you plan your break you don’t constantly have that voice in the back of your head that says, “You were SUPPOSED to so such-and-such today.”

  2. Hum, at least you have a library where you can go… Here in Raincouver, the library has been closed for a month because of the strike… :-(
    On the other hand, I never visited the second-hand bookstores so much! :)

    Do you know what I was thinking the other day? I always the pictures of your culinary creations and I was curious to see how’s your kitchen. I imagine that as full of spices and state-of-art kitchen supplies. :P

  3. Usually I pick up one weekday a month for doing nothing related to work … Usually on a wednesday, I wake up early in the morning, drive to Beira Mar Av and run for hour.. sometimes hour 1/2. The rest of the day it´s filled with cleaning, supermarket, giving my cat a bath, going to the movies after lunch or doing whatever comes to my mind.

    I don´t face it as procrastination.. on contraire. It´s an investment, and a very nice opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with.. myself. ;^)

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