Makeover Monday

It’s time, once more, to report on my progress this week… I didn’t do well at all this past week:

1. Finish entering data from the royal register into my database – Still not done. Like I said before, I had an off week… 

2. Drink 8 glasses of water/day – hasn’t been happening. I need to find myself a proper bottle (non-bad plastic) that I can carry around. I think things will improve once I start doing that. 

3. Eat at home at least 5 days/week; eat out only 1-2 times a week – too many social events last week. The beginning of the week was ok but then it got quite bad. It’s the last few weeks of summer and it seems that everybody wants to go out to eat… Thursday we met some friends from Montreal for a very late lunch (around 4 pm), Friday we met some friends for the Buskers’ Festival and ate somewhere downtown, Saturday we met some friends at Kensington Market and ended up having lunch there, Sunday we went out for Feijoada, today I went out for lunch with a friend who’s moving away and tonight we attended her farewell bbq… Hmm, coming to think of it, Monday night we went out for sushi. So I really only ate at home on tuesday and wednesday. How shameful!! That’s why we are always broke… 

4. Go to the gym at least 3 times – I think I went a couple of times… I also did some stretching at home…


Goals for next week: the same. Must succeed on these before I can add new one!!

Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

6 thoughts on “Makeover Monday”

  1. Don’t beat yourself up, A: It’s impossible to get work done in Toronto in the summer. The city explodes with culture and fun and general awesomeness, and it must be accepted and embraced. :-)
    Soon winter will be upon us and there will be NOTHING to do except work and avoid frigidness.

  2. hehehe, you are SOOO right JP. I always think I’m going to get a lot of work done in the summer and I sometimes to manage to get some work done in June but August is so clearly a festive month that nothing I do can get me to sit for hours in front of the computer doing something as boring as data input…I wish I could work in the wee hours like you, when time stands still and there’s no distractions…

  3. What counts is that you try each week. Don’t beat yourself up about not getting much accomplished. I’m still trying to get to the post office from like 3 weeks ago. ;)

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