Air Show

When I came home from lunch today, I knocked on the door and Alan unlocked it hastily before running off. “Was he in the shower?”, I wondered. But no, he was on our balcony, with half his body hanging out, almost falling off, following the flight of a World War II fighter plane, escorted by an F18 and an F16. Once they flew over, he looked at me with a grin from ear to ear and babbled as fast as an excited 6 year-old “did you see that?? did you see that?? they’ve been going around all morning!!”. He proceeded to list me all the airplanes he saw, what they did, and show me his goosebumps from the excitement.

Yes, I confess. My husband is an airplane freak.

Even after 37 years working for an airline, he still gets as excited as a three year-old child when he sees an airplane. And it doesn’t really matter what kind of place it is. In Montreal, we lived about 15 minutes away (by car) from the airport so it was quite normal to see airplanes flying low on their way either to or from the airport. Sometimes we would be driving along the highway and he would suddenly look up and point “look! a airplane!!”. Sure enough, there would be the usual 737 or A320 getting ready to land. All I could do was amaze myself at how he still found that exciting after seeing that every day and yell “watch where you are going!”.

So, after 11 years together, I can proudly say that I can now tell whether that airplane flying way above us is a Boeing or an Airbus (or an Embraer/Bombardier), and I can always tell, even from all the distance, an A340 from an A330, or even an A340 from a 747…

Needless to say, we’ll be attending the Air Show this weekend near the CNE grounds. The show starts at 1 pm on saturday, sunday and monday. We’ll probably go tomorrow after our morning at the market…


Author: guerson

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One thought on “Air Show”

  1. Both my husband and my son love trains. Steam trains, ICE, TGV, Shinkanzen, anything:-).

    You will probably be able to take nice photos.

    Beijos e bonfinde,


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