Makeover Monday

I feel I had a much better this around.

1. Finish entering data from the royal register into my database – Still not done. But I have only one left to do… And I have been thinking of my dissertation, which is a good thing. I think I’m ready to start organizing my sources for the first chapter. 

2. Drink 8 glasses of water/day – I think I’m up to 4-5/day, which is good considering I drank about half a glass of water before. 

3. Eat at home at least 5 days/week; eat out only 1-2 times a week – I feel I had much better control of this, this week. Other than on Monday, when a friend had a farewell BBQ, and Thursday, when we met some friends at Kensington Market for a monthly dinner club, we ate at home every day last week. I guess it helped that I didn’t really go to school much last week and could cook some nice lunches… The plan will be a little skewed this week, with all of the orientation events happening… 

4. Go to the gym at least 3 times – Done! Went Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail! 


Goals for next week: drink water, eat good, homemade food, go to the gym three times, do some work on thesis on wednesday and friday (other days will be taken up by orientation events). Main academic objective: call supervisor to make an appointment!