Premio Blog Solidario

Blog solidarioWow! I didn’t see that coming! Erin, from the blog A wandering woman writes from Spain, has honoured me with the Premio Blog Solidario. While I’m amazed that my blog, which is written in a very idiosyncratic, unfocused, all-over-the-place sort of way, should be mentioned at all for such a thing, that it should come from Erin, one of the smartest bloggers I know and a person I admire deeply, has made it all the more special and honourable to me. I simply love the way Erin gave up her high profile corporate job to pursue her love for a language. She won my endless respect – and that of countless Salmantinos, no doubt – by the way she embraced and cherished Spanish life and culture after moving to Spain. Her kind and generous words about my blog have certainly made my day today!

So now it’s my turn to pass this award on to bloggers I admire. I chose one blog in English and one in Portuguese:

Denise, from Sindrome de Estocolmo, for being one of the most engaged, open-minded, politically conscious, no nonsense persons I know. Her prolific blog has encouraged me to think more clearly and write more in this blog about more serious issues. It has forced me to more deeply engage with the world around me as opposed to simply observe it and babble on to Alan about it. I also love the way she builds bridges across cultures. From Brazil, she moved to Stockholm after marrying her great love, an American who had been living in Sweden for over twenty years. Her accounts of her early days in Sweden was what first attracted me to her site. Her open-mindness and positive attitude in dealing with the cultural gaps she encountered were amazing. She now lives in Washington, DC, and continues to show the same positive attitude.

Landismom, from Bumblebee Sweet Potato, for inspiring me to read more relevant books. I am always amazed at the amount of really good books she goes through. Although mainly a parenting blog, Bumblebee Sweet Potato also shows Landismom tireless social concerns and activism. Like Denise, she inspires me to do more. I deeply admire the way she strives to raise her young children to be well-rounded, engaged and inquisitive young people.

There are many other bloggers I’d like to nominate, like Daniel and Regina,  but I decided to follow Erin’s lead and limit myself to two. Denise and Landismom, feel free to pass this award to up to 7 blogs of your choice!

I’d also like to thank Erin again for introducing me to Tonicito’s blog (I was looking for a good spanish blog!), from which I discovered Jessica’s blog.  The former is from Tarragona but lived all his life in Barcelona, and now tells his adventures living in Austria, while Jessica is an American living in Berlin who dates a Catalan. Her trips to Catalunya and her efforts to learn Catalan are great to follow. As someone who studies Catalan history, I always appreciate someone who approaches Catalan culture with an open mind and positive attitude.

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Nose piercing

Nose piercing is one of the oldest forms of piercing. It was first recorded in the Middle East about 4,000 years ago and it is still used by nomadic tribes of North Africa and the Bedouins of the Middle East to mark wealth and status.

The practice reached India from the Middle East in the sixteenth century, where it has acquired religious connotations. In India, a ring or stud is usually worn on the left nostril by women since its connected to female reproduction.

I’ve always found Indian women very attractive for their nose piercings. I wanted to have one done but then piercings became so popular than I didn’t want to seem like I was just joining the popular bandwagon. So I waited. But after a year of exposure to so many cool piercings and tattoos in Barcelona, both Alan and I decided that it was about time we pursued our interests in those forms of body art. So I bit the bullet and went in yesterday and had my piercing done:


More pictures here.

It’s hard to see in the picture, but the stud actually has a small purplish stone on it. I actually wanted a gold stud with a jewel since I find I look better in gold, but you can’t have a gold jewel as your first one because the metal is too soft. So it was surgical grade stainless steel instead…

Before anybody says it was very brave of me, let me tell you that it wasn’t bad at all. The piercer was really good, used a needle (no piercings should ever be done with a gun), and it was very fast and effortless. I felt only the prick of the needle and after that no pain at all. I even forget I have it on!! But I have to remember, otherwise I touch my nose by mistake and I’m not supposed to touch it at all since it’s still healing and the risk of infections will be there for the next six weeks or so. I’m so happy I finally did it!!