Nose piercing

Nose piercing is one of the oldest forms of piercing. It was first recorded in the Middle East about 4,000 years ago and it is still used by nomadic tribes of North Africa and the Bedouins of the Middle East to mark wealth and status.

The practice reached India from the Middle East in the sixteenth century, where it has acquired religious connotations. In India, a ring or stud is usually worn on the left nostril by women since its connected to female reproduction.

I’ve always found Indian women very attractive for their nose piercings. I wanted to have one done but then piercings became so popular than I didn’t want to seem like I was just joining the popular bandwagon. So I waited. But after a year of exposure to so many cool piercings and tattoos in Barcelona, both Alan and I decided that it was about time we pursued our interests in those forms of body art. So I bit the bullet and went in yesterday and had my piercing done:


More pictures here.

It’s hard to see in the picture, but the stud actually has a small purplish stone on it. I actually wanted a gold stud with a jewel since I find I look better in gold, but you can’t have a gold jewel as your first one because the metal is too soft. So it was surgical grade stainless steel instead…

Before anybody says it was very brave of me, let me tell you that it wasn’t bad at all. The piercer was really good, used a needle (no piercings should ever be done with a gun), and it was very fast and effortless. I felt only the prick of the needle and after that no pain at all. I even forget I have it on!! But I have to remember, otherwise I touch my nose by mistake and I’m not supposed to touch it at all since it’s still healing and the risk of infections will be there for the next six weeks or so. I’m so happy I finally did it!!


Author: guerson

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7 thoughts on “Nose piercing”

  1. Ficou lindo!
    Quando fui pra Buenos Aires eu queria fazer uma coisa diferente, que me fizesse lembrar a cidade, aí coloquei um piercing na língua que ficou inchada durante 2 semanas.A parte boa é que emagreci 4 quilos, mas 2 meses depois eu resolvi tirar porque estava me incomodando pra falar.
    Há muito tempo eu tive vontade de colocar um no nariz mas por causa da rinite eu achie melhor não fazer. Tem alguma coisa a ver?

  2. Oi Jeanne,

    Na língua eu não teria coragem de fazer. Tenho muitos amigos que fizeram sem problemas, inclusive minha enteada, mas sei lá, a probabilidade de infecção é muito maior.

    Eu também hesitei durante muito tempo em fazer o piercing no nariz por problemas de alergias respiratórias. Mas uma das vantagens de ter mudado pro Canada é que minhas alergias sumiram completamente. Elas só voltam quando eu vou ao Brasil e como eu não tenho planos de ir ao Brasil tão cedo… Mas, em teoria, dá pra assoar o nariz igual. Eu não sinto nada no meu nariz. Mas é bom fazer em uma época que a alergia não esteja atacada pois é preciso ter cuidado e não mecher muito no piercing nos primeiros dois meses, que é a época de cicatrização e o período no qual o perigo de infecção é mais alto.

    Tenho tomado muita vitamina C e comprimidos de alho para evitar resfriados ;) E lavo o piercing duas vezes ao dia com uma solução que a minha piercer me deu…

  3. I LOVE your piercing!
    I am thinking about getting one and would really appreciate it if you could tell me where you got it done.
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Alexandra

    I found your blog through Jeanne’s. I finally got the guts to have nose pierced as well and I’d like to know if it doesn’t really hurt and if you could give me the address where you did yours (I want a place that I can trust or that someone can give good references).

    Thanks a lot!!!!


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