Busy Monday

Wow, what a day. I left home at 6:30 this morning and got back at 7:30 pm. And I feel I didn’t have a minute to spare! Here’s what I did:

7:00-8:00: workout at the gym

8:00-9:00: breakfast and reading for a presentation I have to do in a little over two weeks

9:00-1 pm: work at the front desk at the CRRS while doing Iter work. Didn’t even have a break.

1-2pm: meeting with the professor for whom I’m TA’ing and the other TAs.

2-3pm: lunch and check emails, sent out some conference-related emails (finally!)

3-4pm: run to the library and finalize my handouts for my first tutorials tomorrow

4-4:30pm: dash to the history department before it closes to photocopy handouts

4:30-5:30: get TA’ing tips from more experienced friend

5:30-6:30: retrieve material relevant to tomorrow’s tutorial from carrel and review it

6:30-7:00: dash to Hart House to empty locker of dirty gym clothes and to sign up for photography class (October 13-14th! yeeepyy!)

7:00-7:30: walk home, stop at liquor commission to buy some beer

7:30-now: enjoy a well-deserved English Ale with the mutton curry and palak paneer I made yesterday….

Phew! what a tiring day! And it’s not over yet… I still need to make a sheet with key points and questions for myself to use in tomorrow’s tutorial, which will be the subject of another post

On another front – let me tell you that my restaurant strike is holding on pretty well! I didn’t eat out a single time since last monday (an all-time record for me, I’m sure). Not only we didn’t eat out but I prepared really healthy meals each day and brought lunch to school. I also bought a nice stainless steel bottle and have drank over a litre of water today… So my goals are holding up!