Black & White course

I spent 10 hours in a darkroom this weekend as part of a course on printing and developing black & white photographs. We met for five hours on saturday and five hours this afternoon. On the first day we learned how to develop our negatives and today we spent the whole time printing pictures. There were four of us sharing the same darkroom and we quickly bonded over the experience. Kathleen, Roman, Kamelia and I will certainly be getting together again to do some more printing and developing of our own…

Some people might question why should I even bother learning to develop and print when all of that can be done digitally these days. It’s true but as I said in a previous post, I wanted to keep using my trusty Maxxum 5 for shooting black & white and besides, there’s nothing quite like immersing a sheet of paper in a tray of water and watching a photograph slowly appear…  I highly recommend it!


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

One thought on “Black & White course”

  1. Cadê as fotos?
    Eu AMO fotografia em preto em branco; acho que deixa tudo mais bonito, até a foto mais boba.
    A foto do nosso perfil no blog foi tirada por uma amiga do Pedro que tb continua firme e forte com sua câmera de filmes.

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