New OS

Here I stand, waiting for OS X 10.5 (aka Leopard) to finish installing on our iMac. Yes, we were one of those Apple nerds who pre-ordered the new and flashy operating system as soon as we possibly could.

There are some pretty nifty new features on the new OS, but the ones I’m looking forward to the most are the new Dock, with its stacking feature  – I need every help I can get to keep my desktop semi-organized -, and the new Finder, with its ubercool cover flow.

I’m just not sure whether I’ll be installing it on my laptop right away. We bought a family license (i.e. we can install on 5 computers), but I’m not sure if it would make my laptop somewhat slower. Maybe I’ll buy some more memory first. Usually, new Apple OSs don’t really require new hardware upgrades in the same way as Windows updates do, but it seems that this new one, with all of its 64 bit processing and multi-threading capability is a bit out of  the league of older machines… We’ll see…

Author: guerson

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6 thoughts on “New OS”

  1. You’re not the only one. I pre-order it and received on Friday at 9.00 CST (Chicago). I couldn’t wait to install it on my Mac Book.

    Leopard is great !!

  2. So far, I REALLY like it! So much so that I’m willing to add some more memory to and get a bigger and faster HD for my trusty 12″ powerbook G4. Once I do that, I’ll definitely migrate to Leopard. We have 3 macs in the house, so we bought the family license. Money well spent I think… and quite a deal since one license was 115$ and the family pack was 199$ (for 5 installations)…

    I can’t wait to create different working spaces in my laptop. Maybe it will help my productivity! I could have a “work” space without facebook, orkut, and with the homepage directing to the library site as opposed to a million “fun” sites… ;)

  3. Raquel,

    pode ser… confesso que não pesquisei o backup to Leopard pq uso o SuperDuper pra fazer backup… em todo caso, temos 2 HD externos aqui em casa.

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