New laptop

No, I didn’t buy a new laptop. I’m going to hold on until Apple decides to smart up and release a 12″ MacBook Pro… Besides, my little 12″ Powerbook G4 is still holding up great and I just got a new battery for it. But I can’t deny that the poor thing is now over three years old and feeling very sluggish at times. I confess that I expect a lot from my computers. I’m a bit multitasker and have always about ten different programs running and twenty windows open. It was about time to upgrade it a bit and get it ready for the new cat.

I finally bit the bullet and after some research on the internet, went out today and bought 1 gigabyte of RAM and a faster hard drive. This means my laptop will jump from 512 mb to 1.25 gb  of RAM and from 60 gb 4400 rpm to 100gb 7200 rpm. I replaced the memory myself – or rather, Alan did it for me – since it was pretty straightforward. I also backed up my HD in preparation for its replacement some time this week. I won’t do it myself since the task seems a lot more demanding; I’ll bring it to an authorized Apple dealer.

But let me tell you – just adding more memory made the computer noticeably faster. Can’t wait until I can get Leopard on it…


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

2 thoughts on “New laptop”

  1. Oi Alexandra, eu tô indo pro AHA em Washington, estamos organizando um workshop e eu apresento um paper. Se você for me avisa pra gente se encontrar e tomar um café. Beijos.

  2. Bobby actually installed a new hard drive in my old original iBook last year. I had no idea he was doing it and apparently with the help of friends via Toronto, he took it apart and redid the whole thing. I was amazed at the difference!

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