Saturday walking

We had a beautiful Fall day today. The air was cool and brisk, the sun was warm… On our way to Kensington, Alan remarked that it was probably as cold today (around 8-10 degrees this morning) as it ever got in the winter in Barcelona.

We spent a couple of hours at our favourite café at the market, watching the world go by and chatting with our friends Mel and Janine. After the market, we hit the computer stores where I played with the new iPod Touch (soooo cool), bought more memory and a new HD for my trusty laptop, and waited for Janine to get a new external drive.

Janine and I went off shopping while Alan went home. We were just going to go to the grocery store but made a little detour in search for the perfect hat for Janine… We both resisted bravely spending 300$ for new coats at Benetton – we tried the coats on for about half an hour; can’t believe we managed to walk out without buying them – and survived almost unscathed from the depths of H&M and Le Chateau, where Janine finally found the perfect hat. After a very so-so lunch at Spring Rolls (it escapes me why that place is so popular; the food is really not that great), we finally hit the grocery store, where I bought some nice coho salmon fillets, some pesto, and fresh pasta for dinner tonight. This is how it turned out:

Salmon dinner

It was sooooo good and the whole meal took about 10 mins to prepare (the salad was left over from yesterday)…


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