New mitts and gloves!

Shopping in Montreal is always fun and this time I decided to pick up a new pair of mitts. I don’t really wear gloves in the winter here in Canada because they never really work; once you split your fingers, they freeze! So mitts are the way to go… But I couldn’t resist the very colourful mis-matched gloves I found at the Musée de Beaux-Arts’ shop…


Aren’t they cool?


Author: guerson

Born and raised in Brazil, a Canadian stole my heart and took me to Canada in 1999. After seven years between Montreal and Toronto, we then moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I did research for my PhD thesis. This blog began as a chronicle of our adventures while living in Barcelona and exploring the old world and has acquired a life of its own after we moved back to Canada.

8 thoughts on “New mitts and gloves!”

  1. Eu não consigo usar luvas com dedinhos, me dá um “treco” e tenho que arrancá-las por isso que me dei muito bem com minhas mitts. Para sair com os cachorros é uma beleza porque preciso dos meus dedos pra poder dar nó no saquinho de caca.


  2. oi Ana Lucia!

    é, no inverno eu só ando de boina mesmo. Tenho inúmeros gorros e chapéus mas acho a boina a melhor coisa – é a única que aguenta o vento insuportável de Toronto e esquenta bem… ;)


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