A little over a week left!

Ten more days before we leave for Barcelona!! Can’t wait! There’s still lots to do before then – my students have their final exam today, which means I’ll have to spend the next week marking like crazy. Then there’s a committee meeting in my department, running errands, putting together the sources for a conference paper proposal  that is due in January… oh yes, and I guess I should do some Christmas shopping! Oh well, my family in Brazil is resigned  to the fact that  if they do get something, it will be way after Christmas. The academic life is not conducive to proper Christmas planning since the load of work increases in November-December by significant amounts, regardless whether you are a student or a prof…

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

4 thoughts on “A little over a week left!”

  1. Busy days!

    In Spain, at least at University, there’s no extra work before Christmas. Instead, it comes on February, when we have our exams.

    Christmas is the time for the students to notice that they should have started studying earlier!

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