I’m sitting on my couch and watching the snowstorm outside. The flakes are huge, they are falling fast and I can hardly see across the street. Alan is all excited; he’s been complaining Toronto never gets a truly big snowstorm. Today, his wishes came true!! Good thing it’s Sunday… If this had happened during the week, maybe we would have had to call in the army… ;)


Update: we went out twice during the storm. Once for coffee and to take a few pictures. Yonge street, which is always busy, was sooo quiet. Later on we went to a friend’s place for dinner and had a bit of trouble with the public transit. But other than that, both Alan and I felt like little kids! Snow makes winter more bearable…

street outside our building

So glad we don't drive

Outside our door Tourist on yonge street

Yonge Street:

Yonge Yonge

Enjoying coffee while the world turned white