I’m sitting on my couch and watching the snowstorm outside. The flakes are huge, they are falling fast and I can hardly see across the street. Alan is all excited; he’s been complaining Toronto never gets a truly big snowstorm. Today, his wishes came true!! Good thing it’s Sunday… If this had happened during the week, maybe we would have had to call in the army… ;)


Update: we went out twice during the storm. Once for coffee and to take a few pictures. Yonge street, which is always busy, was sooo quiet. Later on we went to a friend’s place for dinner and had a bit of trouble with the public transit. But other than that, both Alan and I felt like little kids! Snow makes winter more bearable…

street outside our building

So glad we don't drive

Outside our door Tourist on yonge street

Yonge Street:

Yonge Yonge

Enjoying coffee while the world turned white



Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

5 thoughts on “Snowstorm”

  1. Oh, how I envy you that snow storm! I got a little snow during my visit home 2 weeks go- a nice dusting on the very day I went with Chicagoan friends to a tree farm to chop down a Christmas tree.

    This is a ridiculously late thank you for calling me a thinking blog. :)

    So how long are you staying in Barcelona? Just a holiday visit?

  2. I wish it was snowing here too!! We had that storm over Thanksgiving weekend and it was awesome! Although of course, I don’t want it to snow on the 3rd of January when I leave for Toronto!

  3. Coitado do dono daquele carro!
    Eu adorei a tempestade e não tenho do que reclamar. Nós também saímos para tirar umas fotos.
    A cidade fica tão linda enquanto os tratores ainda não passaram para tirar a neve do meio da rua.
    Ao contrário do verão que eu não gostei nem um pouco (sofri muito com o calor e brotoejas) estou adorando esse outono/inverno.

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