Arrived in Barcelona

We arrived in Barcelona yesterday at noon, after an uneventful journey from Toronto, connecting through Frankfurt. The weather here is amazing for those of us coming from Canada; fifteenth celcius and sunny feels like the height of summer for us! We haven’t had a minute to spare: we went out for lunch with Joy and Jesus yesterday, then out to a bar at night to watch Barcelona play Madrid (Barca lost, sniff ). This morning we left at 9:30 to meet with Tonicito, a Catalan who lives in Salzburg and whom I only knew through the blogosphere. We met Toni and his wife for breakfast and, as I suspected, hit it off great. We felt very touched when they gave us a nice gift of chocolate delicacies from Austria. We’ll definitely be sending him some stuff from Canada and hopefully they’ll be able to come and visit us some day. We might come by their place in Austria this summer… After meeting with them, Alan and I meandered through the Born to buy some Christmas gifts for Joy & Jesus (with whom we are staying), had lunch at the Mercat Santa Caterina, drove Bicing here and there, and finally made it home around 6 pm. We’ll probably leave soon to meander through Gracia…

It sure feels nice to be back. I love Toronto but nothing really beats the energy and joie de vivre of Barcelona. This is such a happening place! I’ll write more when I get back to Toronto and have a few pictures to show. Being busy is a great thing right now. Keeps my mind off things

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

2 thoughts on “Arrived in Barcelona”

  1. Legal!! Você em Barcelona! Você gosta mesmo dai hein…rsss…ralmente, é uma cidade alegre, movimentada, ruas sempre fervilhando.
    que aproveitem muito!

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