2007 in pictures…

It was fun doing this last year, so I thought I’d continue…


We watched the arrival of the Three Kings in Barcelona, walked along the beach in Barcelona, went to the calçots festival in Valls and happened upon the wonderful monastery of Poblet along the way, and discovered the little town of Arenys de Mar – more pics here.

Three Kings Barcelona beach ArenysPoblet Calçots


In February I met Moussa ag Assarid, enjoyed the Festes de Santa Eulália, a festival dedicated to children, and had lunch on top of a mountain near Vic.

Moussa Castellers de Barcelona Festes de Santa Eulalia Lunch at Vic


In March Alan and I went to Girona for a bit of a research trip, where we also had some amazing food and I became tempted to find a project that would allow me to spend a year in that amazing city

Street in Girona Tourists in Girona Old books


Last month in Barcelona – we visited friends in Mataró and otherwise simply hanged out in Barcelona

Archives Mataro View from Sara's house in Mataro Capoeira in Raval


Back in Canada after 13 months in Spain! We stayed with our friends Pearl and Al for the first two weeks and then left for Brazil to visit my family. While we were at Pearl’s, she took us to Todmorden Mills and Bufflers Park.

Yonge & Bloor Good friends Good friends 2 Todmorden Mills Bufflers Park


We moved into our new apartment and enjoyed summer in TO; I invented some cool salads and we had a blast at the Pride Parade.

Welcome basket BCE Place Kensington Salad Friends Pride Parade


We celebrated Canada Day at the harbourfront and visited Montreal, where we had to spend a few hours at the market. We also went on the first of many photo shoots with Mel and discovered Ireland Park.

Canada Day Montreal Ireland Park Toronto urban beach


A great month in Canada. We cycled quite a bit, watched the opening of the CNE, and I got into black & white photography.

Opening of CNE First b&w Bike ride - harbourfront East Chinatown Little Indi


September was back-to-school month. Super busy, no time to go out and take pictures. But it was also the month I got my piercing and Alan got his tattoo.

Piercing Tattoo


Halloween month! So of course we checked out the action at Church street and I got some good pictures

CatCat Warrior Geisha


Remembrance day and another trip to Montreal

End of fall Montreal Remembrance day


It seems all I did between November and December was mark papers and exams. But there was also a snowstorm in TO and our trip to Barcelona and Paris!

Snowstorm Barcelona Riding on bicing Kids playing in Paris Invalides

And 2008 arrived like this:


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

10 thoughts on “2007 in pictures…”

  1. I like this idea! I may just join you in this year in photos tradition.

    Tons of beautiful photos here but you know my favorite? The last one, that wonderfully white arrival of the New Year.

    ¡Feliz año nuevo!


  2. hahha acho que todo mundo vai copiar essa idéia, acho melhor você cobrar direitos autorais.
    Adoro passar por aqui porque vc é sempre tão criativa.

    Quando tiver um tempinho vamos marcar alguma coisa porque preciso devolver seu livro. Aprendi muita coisa com ele e quanto mais aprendo mais ignorante me sinto porque percebo que ainda tenho muito para aprender.

    Não sei se vc sabe mas as “pestinhas” estão tendo aula com uma treinadora 1 vez por mês. Estão fazendo progressos mas a passos de tartaruga…acho que não estou sendo uma boa educadora.

  3. I’m happy you liked it because I confess I was pretty tired and jet-lagged when I did it, so the choice of pictures suffered accordingly…. I think I did it much better last year ;) Next time I’ll start doing it ahead of time and simply upload it at the end of the year ;)

    Eu ia te mandar um email mesmo pra ver se vcs querem se encontrar. Não sei se vcs têm animo pra ir ao Kensington durante o inverno… continuamos indo todos os sábados. Fora isso, poderíamos marcar um brunch no domingo ou algo assim…

  4. Alexandra, acho que sou mais o brunch no domingo rsrsrsrs
    Não estou achando o inverno ruim, pelo contrário, mas ainda não consigo passar muito tempo a céu aberto com temperaturas muito baixas.

  5. E quem falou em céu aberto?? Nós ficamos dentro do Louie’s mesmo… mas primeiro comemos algo numa lanchonete rua abaixo, antes de ir pro Louie’s pro nosso tradicional café ;)

    mas tem um lugar pra brunch na danforth que eu tô querendo voltar há um bom tempo… de repente vamos lá ;)

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