MacBook Air

MacBook Air With much fanfare, Apple released this week MacBook Air, probably the world’s thinnest laptop. I was converted into the Mac world when I bought my 12″ Powerbook G4 about three and a half years ago. I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was the best choice but the price was good (I had a student discount) and it was the only laptop at that price range at that time that came with wireless internet. Since I still had a Windows desktop as my main computer, I convinced myself that even if it wasn’t that great, I was only going to use it for typing notes at school and accessing the internet anyway. And I still had my Windows machine for everything else.To cut a long story short, the Windows machine got used less and less until I finally got rid of it altogether.  When the time came for Alan to replace his desktop for a laptop when we went to Spain, he bought a 15″ Powerbook. On our way back, we needed a desktop for some more powerful image processing. A 24″ iMac it was. We don’t even follow what’s going on in the Windows world anymore. We’re Mac addicts now and I can’t see myself not having a Mac as my main computer. When Apple introduced its new line of computers with an Intel chip we got pretty excited. The Powerbooks were replaced by a new line of fast MacBook Pros. Unfortunately that new line didn’t have a 12″ laptop. It might sound small, but a 12″ laptop is ideal for lugging around and taking notes at the library. Having the height and width (not the depth, of course) of a regular sheet of paper, it fits anywhere. I’ve even carried it in a purse.So I’ve been waiting for a 12″ MacBook Pro. I’ve heard lots of rumours that Apple was working on an ultra-light laptop. My hopes soared. And the rumours came true this week.  But I’m not happy.Sure, the new MacBook Air has some nifty features like being able to pinch, swipe or rotate an image using the trackpad. Or the backlit keyboard that I so wished to have on my laptop. But it also had to sacrifice in other areas, like no CD/DVD (you need an external one) and only one USB port. And it’s 13.3″…Maybe I was expecting something  light but still fully-featured.  It just didn’t make me jump and want to rush to the store. Luckily, Apple laptops have long lives. My PB was 3 years old when I finally had to replace its battery. I’ve added a bit more memory and replaced the hard drive for something bigger last month and now it feels brand new! I won’t be needing a new one for a while… 


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7 thoughts on “MacBook Air”

  1. When I saw this post I thought “I want one of this” and so I asked Pedro to take a look at your blog and I just heard he saying”I WANT IT!!!”

  2. super- bacana, lindoooo! ah, o meu mac sobreviveu sem danos aparentes. A mancha de água da tela foi sumindo e agora desapareceu. Agora internamente, sei nao…só com o tempo! rsss
    Ah, uma coisa: o dispositivo de som desapareceu, assim, do nada. Eu cliquei em cima do ícone pra aumentar o som e ele sumiu. Fui em propriedades e diz que nao tem nenhum dispositivo de som. Coloquei umas caixinhas externas pra poder ouvir as coisas, mas o do mac mesmo, desapareceu.
    Tentei ver o que pode ser na net, mas as soluçoes que deram, nao funcionou, mas ainda nao perdi a esperança antes de levar pra assistência técnica, que me disseram que demoram pra caramba pra devolver o mac aqui em Madri.
    Vc que tem um cerebro privilegiado, vamos ver se me dá uma luz…rssss


  3. Alexandra, nem fala. Eu, que já estava querendo mudar para MAC há tempos, passei até mal. Mas, concordo com você, o fato de não ter todos os aplicativos é muito decepcionante. Apenas uma porta USB é muito ruim, não dá para fazer nada, ainda mais sem ter CD/DVD. Mas eu gosto do tamanho, 12″ acho muito pequeno.

    E cá entre nós, é lindiiiiinho!

    Bjs bjs

  4. Querida,
    acabei de receber o presente e adorei!
    pra uma velha vegetariana como eu – nada mais apropriado…
    muito grata mesmo.
    adorei ter conhecido o seu blog e você, uma linda jovem menina brasileira no Canadá.
    beijo grande!

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