New toy

It hasn’t been long since I bought my DSLR last summer, but today I went out and bought myself a new camera, a Canon Powershot A650 IS

New camera 

I love my Nikon but the truth is, I really needed a camera I could carry around with me at all times. I often see amazing scenes on my way to school or quick snapshots for the blog. Carrying around my DSLR on top of all the books I lug around all day is not my idea of fun. In addition, I also needed a camera for taking pictures of documents and articles at the library or archives. In order to do that with my Nikon, I’d have needed a new lens that would be fast enough to handle the low light indoors and have macro capabilities. Such a lens would have cost a lot more than a fully-featured point-and-shoot camera such as the A650 IS.I can’t wait to take it out for a stroll and as soon as I do, I’ll show you the results!