New toy

It hasn’t been long since I bought my DSLR last summer, but today I went out and bought myself a new camera, a Canon Powershot A650 IS

New camera 

I love my Nikon but the truth is, I really needed a camera I could carry around with me at all times. I often see amazing scenes on my way to school or quick snapshots for the blog. Carrying around my DSLR on top of all the books I lug around all day is not my idea of fun. In addition, I also needed a camera for taking pictures of documents and articles at the library or archives. In order to do that with my Nikon, I’d have needed a new lens that would be fast enough to handle the low light indoors and have macro capabilities. Such a lens would have cost a lot more than a fully-featured point-and-shoot camera such as the A650 IS.I can’t wait to take it out for a stroll and as soon as I do, I’ll show you the results!


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6 thoughts on “New toy”

  1. Alexandra I have a canon powershot A80, bought in 2003, it’s never broken down since I bought it and it’s still working very well, at the time I paid 700,00 $ for this camera, it’s unbelievable that a much better camera is half price today. The lens of A650 is great ! Beijos.

  2. HI Ana Lucia!

    My first point&shoot was a powershot A40 that still works fine today (I’ve given it to a friend who still uses it). I’m a big fan of Canon’s line of point&shoot cameras…

  3. Menina, nem faa em camaras…esses ultimos tempos, trocamos de camara tres vezes…acabamos voltando pra Nikon, é a que nos parece melhor.
    espero que a sua seja legal!! beijos

  4. Estou louca para fazer um upgrade de câmera mas eu não entendo nadica de nada sobre fotografia.
    Vi a T7 da Sony super fininha, leve, era novidade na época. Fui lá e comprei. Arrependimento na certa! Ela é tão fina que não tem estabilidade e é muito sensível, então é bem difícil tirar foto sem sair tremida.

  5. Alexandra, my first digital camera was a Canon PowerShot A60 that gave me a lot of fun. I got then the DSLR (Canon EOS 350D) and the little A60 died short thereafter. Something wrong with the electronics, I guess, every time I shoot random colors appear on the picture (sometimes they are really cool, though!)

    And I had myself this need for a small camera for you to carry around because, as you say, carrying a DSLR around all day is not really funny. I got (well, my parents got me ;)) a Nikon Coolpix S200, which is nice. Still, somehow, once you’ve had a “real” camera in your hands, I think there’s no way back. I miss the DSLR with almost every picture I take with the Coolpix. And I miss my old good A60, too. I think it got much better colors than the Nikon.

    Or is it maybe that I am officially a “canonist”? :)

  6. Hola Tonicito

    I know what you mean. I too have a hard time shooting with a point and shoot after shooting exclusively with an SLR/DSLR for the past couple of years. Not because you can’t take good pictures with a point&shoot; I’ve seen amazing pictures on flickr from cameras such as the A650. Hell, you can’t just look at Alan’s pictures on flickr. They are far superior, technically, to mine. My problem with shooting with a point&shoot are two-fold: First, I’m using to framing my pictures through the viewfinder. I have a harder time composing if I have to look straight at a screen on the back of a camera. That’s why the swivel screen on the A650 (and on Alan’s G6) comes in handy. I can hold the camera at my hip and flip the screen up and use the camera to shoot from the hip – which is fun – and also feels more like you are shooting with a twin-reflex camera.

    The other thing I don’t like so much is that there’s very little depth-of-field in cameras like that. Everything is in focus. If you’ve seen enough of my pictures you’ll soon realize that I enjoy playing with depth-of-field. I often shoot under f2…

    But like I said before, this camera won’t really replace my Nikon D80 or even my Minolta. It is meant to do things it can’t do – like take pictures of documents at libraries and take snapshots as I’m walking down to school…

    Eu corro de cameras sony. Não que elas sejam ruins; muitas são muito boas. O problema é que a Sony tem mania de não querer dovidir a tecnologia dela com ninguem e criou seu proprio sistema de cartoes de memoria, que eles trocam pra cada camera… é um saco pois se compra uma camera hoje, daqui uns 3 anos pode não existir mais memorias pra sua camera, ou as que existem não serao tao rápidas quanto as mais novas no mercado.
    Para mim, a Canon produz as melhores point&shoot, sem comparação. Já no ramo DSLR, eu gosto bastante da Nikon, mas Canon tambem é excelente.

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