Atonement & the Oscars

Last night we watched Atonement. I haven’t read the book but I really loved the movie. It’s sad, unfair, beautifully made, all the stuff of a great movie.

I know Hollywood’s Academy Awards (aka Oscars) is an over-hyped, self-centered event, but I’ve been a faithful watcher ever since I was a kid. Growing up in Brazil, my older brother and I used to watch the movies – or as many of thema s we could – beforehand, make our own lists, and make huge batches of popcorn while we sat in front of the TV for 3-4 hours to watch the show. We kept track of awards, made predictions, got upset when our favourites didn’t win…It’s one of those moments in the year when I miss my brother the most.

This years big nominees are: There Will Be Blood (8 nominations), No Country for Old Men (8), Atonement (7), Michael Clayton (7), Ratatouille (5), The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (4), Juno (4).I’ve watched Ratatouille and Atonement and would really like to watch some of the others before the awards ceremony.

The only catch this year is that I don’t have a TV! I guess I’ll have to invite myself to a friend’s place that night… Or watch it at Massey…

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4 thoughts on “Atonement & the Oscars”

  1. You are kidding me??? You guys do not have a TV?
    wow… I guess I would be able to live without a TV, DVD, internet, car e some many other things ahahaah…
    But I believe is a good challenge being without a TV…

  2. Nope, not kidding… we do not own a television set ;P we sold it when we moved to Spain and when we got back, since we seldom watched TV anyway, we thought we would try to make do without one. We watch DVDs on our 28″ iMac and I’ve been thinking of buying a tuner and an antenna so I can get free over-the-air HDTV on it. I’m just not sure I want to spend 400-500$ it would cost to do that when we aren’t even sure if our apartment is located in an area with good reception.

    The only think I really miss is watching the news once in a while and big events like the Oscars. Good shows can be rented on DVD or watched on the internet…

    So it’s not really a challenge to be without a TV. Now, being without Internet would be a different story altogether…

  3. Well if I still lived in Toronto, you could watch them with me!! Or you could come and visit us in El Paso that weekend… :)

    I love the Oscars too and watch them every year, although Bobby isn’t such a big fan. I love watching the pre-show red carpet stuff (much better now that Joan Rivers isn’t doing it anymore!!) and then the whole show.

  4. Tivemos a oportunidade de assistir There Will Be Blood e No Country for Old Men. Eu gostei bastante dos dois, o estilo é diferente, fugindo um pouco do que estamos acostumados (mocinhas, bandidos na cadeia e felizes pra sempre!).
    Se tiver oportunidade de ir, vale a pena!

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