A Merciless Guide to Writing

This is too good not to pass on… Kem has recently defended her dissertation in English at the University of Toronto and after years of marking undergraduate essays, she was moved to write a blog about some of the main problems she encountered along the way.* The blog is entitled “Kem’s Utterly Merciless Guide to Essay Writing” and the caption goes:

I am so bloody tired of marking essays composed by students who do not know what the hell they are doing that I have been moved to create this guide for them. It is not a nice, kind guide in which I gently usher the reader through the essay-writing process. This guide, my friends, is going to hurt. 

 Start from the table of contents and read on… It’s very cleverly done and many rules of grammar are explained in very clear terms. Hell, there’s even an index! Now I have to figure out a way of making my students read it from beginning to end… *Hmm, now I’m stumped. Is Kem a he or a she?  


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

12 thoughts on “A Merciless Guide to Writing”

  1. Muito bom, quando eu tiver tempo eu leio o site.
    Pra mim Kem é “she” – espero que minhas aulas de persona analysis na McGill tenham servido pr’alguma coisa… estou curioso quanto ao gender; quando você descobrir, me avisa, s’il te plaît.

  2. pois é, também acho que é… mas depois fui confirmar e não consegui encontrar nenhum lugar onde isso estava claro… vamos ver se ela (ou ele) aparece por aqui para confirmar…

  3. I can tell you Kem is a she, and a good friend of mine she is. Probably a friend of yours too, or at least someone you know moderately well. I’ll disclose her identity to you when I see you tomorrow. Oh, I love the mystery! :)

    Curiosity: how did you get to know about her site?

  4. Ester

    I knew she was a she!! and I suspect I know who she is too… and where else could I have found her link but on your blog ;P


    Thanks for the visit! and I knew for sure you were human; computers are not known to possess a sense of humour…

  5. Now that you’re here, Kem, shall I try a complete persona analysis (i.e., age, height, eye and hair color, pets, etc.)?

  6. Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    31 years old
    165 cm
    52 kg
    one brother
    single… no children
    Canadian… born in Ontario
    you have spent some time in England
    you have a cat and you hate dogs

  7. Brown hair: Yes.
    Brown eyes: No. Blue/green/grey.
    31 years old: No. 33.
    165 cm: No. 175.
    52 kg: No. Never you mind. I have a healthy BMI, anyway.
    one brother: No. One sister.
    single… no children: Yes.
    Canadian… born in Ontario: No. Canadian, born in BC.
    you have spent some time in England: No. I’ve never been off the continent.
    you have a cat and you hate dogs: No. I don’t have any pets. I like both cats and dogs, but I really wish I had a dog.

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