Sigh. It always happens when we are in a good mood and the sun is shining. It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Toronto today and, as usual, we went to Kensington bright and early for our breakfast at Shai’s and coffee at Louie’s. On our way home, since the weather was so nice, we decided to drop by the U of T Bookstore for a browse. Bad idea. We left over $300 poorer. What did we get? Oh, things you can’t live without, I’m sure, like a Hebrew from scratch book with accompanying audio CDs, Adobe Lightroom, another Photoshop CS3 book for Alan’s growing collection, a 4 GB USB drive because you can never have too many of them, and a U of T bag… All urgently needed of course. Not that we can afford any of that but I guess it could be worse – we could have spent the money on shoes… or gambling…


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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