Wordless Wednesday


When we came back from Barcelona & Paris from Christmas holidays, the custom officer at the airport here in Canada asked us if we were bringing anything. I said “Chocolate… oh, and some salt!” She arched an eyebrow and said,  “salt?” “Yes”, I said, “it’s nice French salt”. She giggled and let us through… But I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that fleur de sel is  worth a trip, I’m sure… Particularly when they have it mixed up with all kinds of nice herbs & spices…

Bay & Bloor

Although it is the largest city in Canada, Toronto is really made up of neighbourhoods, where you often feel like you live in a small town. But since Toronto is on a grid, when asked, most Torontonians will describe where they live by mentioning the closest main intersection. 

The Torontoist has a series on some of these intersections, and this week’s was on one close to where I live: Bay & Bloor.  It’s a nice review of the area and I leave it here because it mentions many of the places Alan and I go to like the Varsity Cinema, Quasi Quasi (they don’t mention it but it has the best tiramisu I’ve ever eaten) and Scaccia (where I’ve always gone for coffee but now discovered their amazing pastas). Must go now and read the one about Yonge&Bloor, which is even closer to where I live (Yonge &Wellesley) 


Yesterday I was walking home from school in one of my favourite winter days – under bright blue skies. I took these pictures, notice the green grass (something you wouldn’t see in Montreal at the end of January): 

back campus Hoskins 

And today we woke up to this:

snow 2 

They say that about 15 cm will fall downtown. I love it!  Since I’ll be going to school this afternoon, I’ll try to take the same pictures I took yesterday for contrast.

Update: The U of T campus is closing at 11 AM today and I just got an email saying that the tour of the Fisher library that I signed up for has been cancelled because of the storm. The Star headline: “Major storm slams region“. Alan is all excited; he loves a good snow storm.