Landismom inspired me with this meme. Basically, the idea is to post the last 10 blog entries you checked out through your google reader or bloglines. Here’s mine:

  1. Jeanne, from Invasões Bárbaras, speaks about Canadian labour laws
  2. Rio Gringa, an American girl living in Rio, makes all of us in the northern hemisphere green with envy by showing pictures of the idyllic beaches to which she took her visiting parents
  3. Meanwhile, at BlogTO, we read an interview with Janet Hill, a talented young fashion designer, who started her own independent label fresh out of Ryerson’s School of Fashion Design
  4. At TasteTO, Sheryl Kirby reviews what’s on, foodwise, in the local newspapers. It includes a mac&cheese recipe by Jamie Oliver. Intriguing.
  5. Fer Jimenez talks about illegal immigrants in Spain
  6. At the blog for my naturopath’s clinic, I learn how to do a cleanse of my body properly.
  7. Chez Pim reports on the 2008 Michelin restaurant guide
  8. My brother publishes his top 5 AC/DC songs and challenges me to do the same
  9. Fake Steve Jobs has a conversation with Barack Obama
  10. The Morning Brew at Midnight Poutine, a Montreal blog, reviews the news, including angry homeowners storming city hall over tax bills. I miss Montreal.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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