What a cute movie! Alan is now all inspired into getting back into his music… Once is an unpretentious Irish movie about two struggling musicians (played by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová) was shot entirely with two handheld cameras over 17 days and has collected awards everywhere. The soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy and one of the songs won the Oscars last month. Here’s the performance during the awards’ ceremony:

And here’s their award acceptance speech. Irglová was cut off during her acceptance speech but the academy had the decency to bring her back on stage:

If you have’t seen it, it’s available on DVD.

Canadian crime rate

Maclean’s has published the crime statistics and rankings for 2006. Looks like Western Canada has the most crime, and if it weren’t for Halifax rocking the boat a bit, the East would have had nearly a clean bill. Toronto came out 26th on overall crime score (with 1 being the worst), showing that bigger cities are not always the most unsafe places. You can check out the article here. Here’s a sample of the list but check the Maclean’s site for the full version: