Canadian crime rate

Maclean’s has published the crime statistics and rankings for 2006. Looks like Western Canada has the most crime, and if it weren’t for Halifax rocking the boat a bit, the East would have had nearly a clean bill. Toronto came out 26th on overall crime score (with 1 being the worst), showing that bigger cities are not always the most unsafe places. You can check out the article here. Here’s a sample of the list but check the Maclean’s site for the full version:


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3 thoughts on “Canadian crime rate”

  1. I’ve spent very little time in Toronto (I’ve only been there 2 times), but I felt pretty safe walking around downtown, even at night. I was a little more apprehensive on my trips to Ottawa because of the amount of beggars around, although Toronto seems to win in the “crazy people loose on the streets” category. Those were my impressions of the two cities so far.

    And I’m not surprised to see the city where I live in, Sudbury, on that list. It’s pretty safe up here, but we have a huge drug problem… and all the good stuff that comes along with drug dealing. Oh the joys of small boring towns where kids don’t have much to do with themselves.

  2. By the way, I never know if I should comment in English or in Portuguese in here, although I think it is a fair practice to use the blog’s chosen language so that all readers have the opportunity to read the comments… is it too weird if I comment in English?

  3. oh, TO definitely wins on the “crazy people” category. Here’s one example:
    I guess we have to thank the Mike Harris government for closing the mental institutions and basically releasing all the patients on the streets. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. But they are mostly harmless and you get used to it. There’s plenty of panhandlers too…

    You can definitely comment in English. I don’t find it weird at all!

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