How did you get here?

I always find it interesting how people get to this blog. WordPress gives me some statistics about how many people access the blog daily, how many came from a link in another site and how many came from a search on Google. The last one also gives me what terms people searched to find this site. Often it is some obvious thing like Ronaldinho, my name, camper shoes, castellers, jabuticaba (that one is a champion, with daily hits). And if you haven’t hung out here often, yes, this blog is that unfocused. Every once in a while people enter less obvious things. Yesterday, at least three people entered “two black girls who are best mates” and found my site. Go figure. Another popular choice is “weird people”.

The stats also tell me there are about 140-240 people who come by daily. So how about introducing yourself and sharing how you got here?