So, yesterday someone found this blog after typing “understand why people ridicule and mock”. Interesting. The Internet never cease to amaze me.


Author: guerson

Born and raised in Brazil, a Canadian stole my heart and took me to Canada in 1999. After seven years between Montreal and Toronto, we then moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I did research for my PhD thesis. This blog began as a chronicle of our adventures while living in Barcelona and exploring the old world and has acquired a life of its own after we moved back to Canada.

2 thoughts on “Google”

  1. Hi Alex,

    I always find your blog by typing “building bridges” on google… and it’s always like the 8th on the list. But today it was the 3rd… and as the site opened I thought about it… and when I read today’s post… Look what a coincidence it is… Weird, eh?


  2. Pois eu não estava procurando foto de coxinha quando achei o site da Gringa no Rio?
    Esse Google sabe como nos pregar peças.

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