You gotta love Toronto

Last night we went to our neighbourhood ice cream parlor after dinner. I’m not one to eat ice cream when the temperature is below 20 C, but Alan loves it even at -20 C. So he goes to the ice cream place a lot and got to know the owner. Last year he told us all about his wedding and honeymoon, and last night we finally met his wife. He is originally from Lebanon but it turns out his wife is from Portugal so Alan quickly points out that I’m from Brazil so we exchange a few words of Portuguese. There was another patron in the store, a Canadian man, who, as soon as he heard the word Brazil, yelled “obrigado”. Turns out he had spent three weeks in Brazil and that was the only thing he managed to learn in Portuguese. So we talked a bit about Brazil and when we left, Alan held the door for a Chinese woman who was leaving the store, who says “obreegado” as she walks out. We all laugh and walk out. Cultures connecting. That’s why I love this city.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

2 thoughts on “You gotta love Toronto”

  1. Quando se fala em uma cidade multicultural não dá pra ter idéia da dimensão do que isso significa.
    Trabalho com 2 chinesas e 2 iranianas e a troca cultural tem sido tão rica e tenho aprendido coisas que nunca imaginei. Até receitas iranianas estou fazendo agora!
    Na terça é a minha vez de levar alguma coisa brasileira para elas e nada melhor do que brigadeiro, simples, prático e delicioso!

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