Someone found this blog today after searching for “the light at the end of the thesis.” There must have been a mistake. From where I stand that light is just a rumour. I know it exists – it must! – but have yet to see it myself. And if the thesis were a tunnel, I’d still be lingering on the entrance, taking a deep breath before going in.

Tomorrow I have to report on my progress to my thesis committee.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

4 thoughts on “Thesis”

  1. I don’t now how to translate it to english, so I’ll ask my sister for help. But when I was getting my master degree I said to a friend:
    “A tese nunca termina, você que desiste dela.”
    I belive it will be somenthing like:
    “The thesis never finishes, you just give it up.”

    So, please, correct my translation! I know something is wrong with it, but a just don’t now what!

  2. Hey, hermano!

    I was wondering who the hell was Winston Smith ;P

    As for the translation, you could say “the thesis is never finished…” or “the thesis never ends…”

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