Aeronaut on its way…

AeronautRemember what I said about one-bag travel? Well, I’m determined to use only one carry on bag on my trip to Europe next month, and to make that possible, I’ve taken the first step: I’ve ordered a soft bag to replace my roller. After months of research, I’ve settled on the Tom Bihn Aeronaut. From everything I read, the bag looks well designed, made of the best material, and is light and well balanced. I’ve also picked up a few packing cubes and the much-praised Absolute Strap. For those of you who have had your luggage misplaced by an airline way too many times, I shall be documenting my packing techniques and how one-bag traveling worked for me. Trust me, once you go carry on, you can never go back to checked luggage.


I got my Aeronaut today! It’s Friday, April 25th and I’m really impressed with how fast the Tom Bihn folks ship things. The store is in Seattle and depending on when I place my order, I have it on the next day or the day after. Pretty impressive. I really liked the bag. It looks very well made, the parts are really high quality. I’ll place some pictures up when I start packing it.