Six things I love

Mirella tagged me on this meme. Or maybe I tagged myself after reading her entry. Either way, I’m supposed to list six things I love – ok, here it goes:

  1. Alan. Life would be very dull without him even if he does have way too much energy in the morning.
  2. Food. My earliest memories revolve around food. My strongest memories of every school I ever studied at has to do with what was best at its cafeteria. Ditto for every place in which I ever lived.
  3. Change. Not the kind you keep in your pockets, but in the sense of variety, of being exposed to something different. That’s why I love to travel and I’m embarking in a career in Academia; I love being exposed to different things and I could not do the same thing every day.
  4. Talking. Sitting around a table, with good food, and just talking away about anything to friends and acquaintances. That’s probably the reason why I have gone to nightclubs only a handful of times in my life. You can’t hold a proper conversation in a nightclub. I’m also a very good listener.
  5. Blogs. Or the Internet in general. I still remember the first time I logged on to a chat room on the Internet in January 1996. It blew my mind away. The way it can connect people across cultures, distances, languages, is just amazing. I’m married to someone I met on the Internet and I have many good friends that I made online. I specially love the level of interaction that blogs allow.
  6. Languages. Being able to communicate with someone from a culture other than my own in his or her own language is very precious to me. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning new languages. Right now I’m working on Hebrew. Next on the line is German. After that, if the Hebrew gets good enough, I’ll move on to Arabic.

What about you?