4 thoughts on “Using my organic box”

  1. “Was” amazing? This arrived on Google reader on 7:36… Do you have dinner in the afternoon? :p

  2. Cris,

    I LOVE any fish but Alan is not too keen. He doesn’t like fish that tastes “too fishy” and I’m slowly making him see that if the fish is really fresh, it doesn’t taste fishy. He also doesnt like dealing with fish bones… The exception is salmon, which he LOVES in any shape or form. Oh, and sushi, which he has learned to love.

    I love the way salmon simply melts in your mouth if its fresh and is not overcooked…

  3. The best fish I had in my life was a wild Alaskan salmon in Seattle — it simply melted in my mouth and it was definitely super fresh. A real treat! I hear the salmon in CA is equally delicious. Most of the salmon we eat in BR is from Chile and therefore not fresh :-(

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