Organic fruits & vegetables

When it comes to pesticides, not all fruits and vegetables are created equal. Apparently, if you make sure the following 12 fruits & veggies are organic, you can cut down your exposure to the nasty stuff by 90%:

  • Fruits
    • Peaches and nectarines
    • Strawberries and cherries
    • Apples and pears
    • Imported grapes
  • Veggies
    • Spinach and lettuce
    • Potatoes and celery
    • Sweet bell peppers

Iron Man

I said it on Facebook and I’ll repeat it here: Robert Downey Jr rocks and there’s something to be said about a movie that begins with AC/DC and ends with Black Sabbath. All the actors did a supreme job, even Gwyneth Paltrow. Check out a good review on a friend’s blog.