At the airport…

Alan and I usually joke that whenever we try to be late, we get there even earlier. This morning we lingered in bed listening to the radio. I finally got up around 8:30, had a shower, had breakfast and then looked for something to do to fill in the time. The bags had been packed the day before so there wasn’t really much to do about that. So I decided to tackle my desk. Every inch of the desk was covered with foot-high piles of paper; it sounded like something that could keep me entertained a good chuck of the morning. I was right. It took me a good hour and a half to re-organize the desk. We then went out for coffee and lingered reading the papers. We came back home, I cleaned the fridge of anything that wouldn’t last a month, we threw out the garbage and then we sort of sat around killing time. Finally, Alan turned to me and said “What do you want to do? Should we go?” I said, “sure” and we got ready and left. At 3:30 PM we were sitting by our departure gate and our flight is not till 8 pm (!). But that’s ok, we have wireless internet and a good people-watching spot. We both love to watch people at the airport and would rather wait by the gate than at home… Next stop: Paris!

PS: why is it that when you have all the time in the world to get somewhere, you make all your connection flawlessly? We got to the wellesley subway station  and the train pulled in immediately. The same happened when we connected to the Bloor line. At Kipling station, where the bus can take at least 20 mins to show up, it pulled in as soon as we hit the stop… sigh…


Author: guerson

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3 thoughts on “At the airport…”

  1. Oiii,

    muito louco. Estou no telefone com minha mãe e ela me diz :
    _ Quem é a sua amiga que esta em Paris hoje?
    _ Ninguém mãe, esta louca?
    _ Tem sim, eu li no seu blog!
    _ … ?!

    Fui checar no blog e achei sua mensagem!!!! Vc soh tem uma noite em Paris??? Eu estou sem andar depois da minha queda na malasia! Entao, infelizmente, nao posso sair de casa!

    Meu cel : 06 30 21 26 13

    Beijao e aproveite!!

  2. Dear friends, I come, you go… Wishing you a GREAT time in Spain. Hope the Barcelona drought does not get too bad. HD

  3. Com excessão dos nossos encontros no Kensigton costumo chegar com antecedência nos locais, mas vocês são imbatíveis.
    Quando vim para o Canadá cheguei com 4horas e meia de antecedência no aeroporto e mesmo assim corremos pra caramba por causa da confusão com a declaração do dinheiro.
    Boa viagem e boas férias!

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