Wushu and lost pictures

After a cool train ride through French and Spanish countryside, in which a nice Frenchman on his way from Narbonne to Perpignan pointed out Cathar castles along the way and instructed us on how the Albigensian crusade had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with territorial expansion of the French monarchy, we finally arrived at Barcelona’s França station, where we were met by our friends Jackie and Sebastian. On our way out of the station we passed by… WUSHU! I knew they had moved to the street where the station is located but I hadn’t been to the new place yet. So we stopped to say hello to Paula and Brad. They were happy to see us, Brad showed us around his new kitchen and they both seemed very happy with the new place. We ordered some cava to celebrate, for which Paula didn’t let us pay at the end since they hadn’t seen us in a year. We promised to return soon enough.

And soon enough we did. We went for lunch today, our first day in Barcelona. And we were definitely not disappointed. The lunch special today was a choice of salmon or chicken in a Laksa sauce (a malaysian curry) with steamed rice and dessert was a chocolate tart/cake. Everything was to die for. I took some really amazing pictures of the place and the food but unfortunately, something went wrong when I was downloading them from my camera and all of the pictures I took from a certain point on the train trip to today are now corrupted and won’t open. I haven’t given up trying to “uncorrupt” them, but it means I don’t have any pictures. It is very disappointing and it makes me wanna cry whenever I think of all the spontaneous pictures I took today – such as the two ladies selling flowers in front of the cathedral who posed for me and all the amazing food pictures from today’s lunch. Oh well. I guess we’ll have to go back.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

4 thoughts on “Wushu and lost pictures”

  1. Eu sei como é isso, Ale. Já perdi vários fotos assim tb, não sei o que acontece com essas câmeras.
    Good look next time.

  2. nunca tinha acontecido nem comigo nem com o Alan e usamos camera digital desde o tempo em que uma camera de 2 mp era top de linha e custava uns 500$… o pior é que não sei exatamente o que aconteceu de errado, apesar de suspeitarmos do leitor de memory card que pegamos emprestado… ele parece bem velhinho e pode ser que no download, as coisas se complicaram… não vou usa-lo mais!!

  3. Ah, the envy. You ate at Wushu.
    I know I’m a dog, but just a buried busy one about to switch up her whole life again (looks like a move soon) but, as I said way too briefly on my blog way back, thanks to you I was in food ecstasy during my whole stay in Barcelona back in Feb. If you go back to Wushu tell Brad that, I went for lunch and the red curry was the highlight of my trip and then I had some incredible dessert I’ve lost the details of, because it was so intriguing I HAD to order it. I loved your Pakistani, as well, had some curry or another, and I had fabulous chocolate in Gracia (LOVE that cafe you sent me to, round the corner from one of the plazas..)

    En fin. I hope you enjoy your favorite Barcelona thing as much as I did. :) I’m headed to Aragon next Wed or Thursday, but doesn’t look like I’ll get to Barcelona, not before anyway so if I miss you while you are in Spain :( I’ll hope to meet you on that other continent some trip.

  4. Hi Erin,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed my favourite hangouts in Barcelona. Desserts have always been good at Wushu but since they got Paul (the dessert chef) working for them it has only become better and more sophisticated. We had what seemed to be a simple chocolate tart that was part of the menu del dia when we were there and I moaned at every fork-full. And I’m not even a dessert person…. As for the Pakistani place, we’re probably going there tonight for dinner.

    We’ll be in Barcelona until the 18th, when we are off to Madrid and then home to Toronto the next day. Hopefully we’ll be able to see you at some point; if not, I’m sure our paths will cross eventually. We have way too many things in common for that not to happen ;)

    Enjoy your time as hospitalera!


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