7 thoughts on “Funny ad”

  1. Algumas semanas atrás foi free-ice-cream-cone day no Ben & Jerry’s, mas minha pão-durice e amor ao açúcar foram desincentivados pela fila dobrando a esquina e andando a passos de tartaruga. Desisti, e tive que passar lá alguns dias depois para matar a vontade! :)

  2. Monica,

    Spanish-speakers would have a lot of trouble pronouncing “ben & jerry’s” and I guess they’ve opened up in Barcelona… thus, the joke… I thought it was really funny ;)

  3. Nice ad, I get actually happy when I see a brand managing to advertise their products without resorting to cliches, promises of happiness etc.

    And their Monty Python flavor is really good, I should probably try some more of their stuff.

  4. OH, that’s hysterical. We had a cafe in the Plaza Mayor selling B&J’s last summer and yeh it was about like my last name: Nobody wanted to even try it …it’s the J I think.

    Got to link to this; figure you’re cool with that.

  5. Thanks for the explanation, the penny has just dropped! I’m going to ask my Spanish friends to say ‘ben & jerry’s’ for a laugh :) They are going to kill me!

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