No-Bull Barcelona

No BullOn Friday, we ran into an anti-bullfighting demonstration in front of the Generalitat (government of Catalunya). Tourists usually expect to see bullfighting everywhere in Spain and get disappointed when they get to Barcelona and find that the only bullring in town is basically a show place, geared towards the tourist market. Bullfighting is not a Catalan tradition and many Catalans feel strongly against it. The group below is trying to collect enough signatures to force the government of Catalunya to ban the practice in its territory.


bull Anti-Bullfighting


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

2 thoughts on “No-Bull Barcelona”

  1. Eu sou absolutamente contra essa “farra do boi”, bem como briga de galo luta livre, boxe e qualquer outra atividade estúpida em que um fica batendo no outro.

  2. We were a bit apprehensive about a holiday in Spain as the bullfighting ‘tradition’ had put us off, but while in Barcelona we also saw the anti bullfighting demonstration (above) and it made us far happier to know that not Spanish (or Catalan) people are going to sit back and allow this hellish torture to carry on.

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