Back to Toronto

It’s been so busy since we got back to Toronto that I haven’t had time to post anything and there’s so much I want to talk about – coming back home, the new EU measures against illegal immigration, our new cleansing diet, work… – that I haven’t had the courage to sit down and just do it.

I’m impatient to get started on work so I can get a chapter out of the way but we have spent the past few days running errands, cleaning, socializing… But here’s a list of my objectives for the next few months:

  1. get the GHS newsletter out
  2. get in shape
  3. eat better (going through a one-month cleansing diet at the moment, should help)
  4. get the website for the Devil’s conference up
  5. write a chapter or two
  6. finish my Iter hours (I still got MANY to do!)

I’ve been working on items 1-4. So far, I have gone to the gym on Friday, Sunday, Monday, and twice today (half an hour run/walk this morning and 1 1/2 killer hour of Yoga this afternoon). I’ve also been walking and cycling around quite a bit. Tomorrow I need to go to the library early to work on item 6. Will try to get to item 4 & 5 in the afternoon. B-U-S-Y!

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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