Saugeen Country Dairy

yogurtI’ve discovered this yogurt today at my favourite organic produce store at Kensington. It’s made by Saugeen Country Dairy, a dairy farm between Markdale and Durham, here in Ontario, with only two ingredients: non-homogenized whole milk and bacterial culture. It is plain yogurt as it has been made for thousands of years, before the industrialization of food rendered it full of sugar e milk ingredients rather than milk (a milk ingredient is stuff like powdered milk, milk protein. I’ve been favouring fresh and wholesome foods, as unprocessed as I can get it, for a while. And after reading Michael Pollan’s books, I’m even more keen in eating real food. This yogurt will probably become part of my staples.


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

One thought on “Saugeen Country Dairy”

  1. Agreed, I won’t eat any other yogurt and I have tried them all. Nothing compares to the freshness of this yogurt. I am so glad that I tried it out. Try it yourself all – get natural – so delicious and easy to digest

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