Last night we had roasted sausages & grapes, served with mashed sweet potatoes and a salad made of fennel, kohlrabi, tomatoes and basil. Yummy.



Author: guerson

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2 thoughts on “Dinner”

  1. Hmmm… this raises an interesting question: where did you find good sausages around here in Canada? Most of the ones that I tried weren’t that good (Ok, they were bad), the only kind that I really liked so far were the Smoked Farmer Sausages…

    Sorry about asking you this, it’s just something that has sort of bugged me for a while – I used to think that sausage = delicious was an universal truth.

  2. Silvia,

    I buy all my meats from Cumbrae’s, which luckily is right around the corner from my house (http://www.cumbraes.com/), but I’m sure there are other local butchers that make their own sausages. I’ve heard good things about Beretta Farms, for example, and the chorizo place at Kensington Market. Other than those, I like breakfast sausages (the skinny ones) and italian sausages, which might be too spicy for Brazilian tastes. I remember I used to find the mild version super spicy when I first got to Canada, but I really like it now.

    I hope you find one you like!


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