Only in Quebec…

So, Quebec City is celebrating its 400th this year. Among the highlights of events to mark the date, is a free outdoor concent by Paul McCartney on the Plains of Abraham. While some people were looking forward to the festivities, a group of prominent Quebec artists and politicians penned an open letter to Paul McCartney criticizing his role in the celebrations, saying it reminded them of their oppression by the English. The whole event would probably have been relegated to the annals of bizarre Quebec sovereigntist moments if Sir Paul hadn’t answered saying it was about time Quebecers “smoke the pipes of peace” and the local population didn’t turn out to be Beatles’ fans. Soon, the artists and politicians were back-pedalling like mad, claiming they were “misunderstood”. Last I heard, the sovereigntists were receiving hate mail. From francophones.


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

3 thoughts on “Only in Quebec…”

  1. eu nao sei qual é o circo maior…se essa gastança de dinheiro nessas comemoraçoes que nao terminam nunca, esses shows improvisados, e as tais reaçoes…a minha paciência jah se foi ha tempos ! Beijocas.

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