Goodbye Dercy

Dercy Gonçalves was a Brazilian comedienne famous for her humorous use of foul language and improvisation. I remember being fascinated by her as a child since I couldn’t conceive of a woman older than my grandmother cursing like a sailor. The truth is that Dercy was quite a conservative woman but she discovered quite early on that if she said a curse word, people would laugh. So she made it her trademark. She died yesterday at the age of 101 (although she claimed to be 103).

Here’s Dercy at a talkshow in Brazil:

And a scene from a soap opera set in a fictitious 18th-century kingdom, in which Dercy played the mother of the ruling queen. The soap was broadcast at the 7 pm time slot so couldn’t really contain much coarse language but she was very funny nonetheless:


Author: guerson

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