Upgrading the OS

As many of you know, we are a Mac family. In addition, Alan and I are both computer geeks and like to have the latest version of any software we use, let alone the operating system. Of course we bought Leopard, Apple’s much-touted new upgrade to OS X, as soon as it came out some months ago. We installed it right away in our iMac and have been enjoying it there ever since. But although we bought a family license for Leopard, we didn’t install it right away on our laptops. One of the reasons is that our laptops (a 12″ and a 15″ Powerbook) both have PowerPCs chips and there was some question at first as to how well would the new operating system – optimized as it is to work well with the new Inter chip in our iMac and the latest Macs – would work on older machines. Since I rely so much on my laptop for all my academic work, I didn’t want to risk it at first. And I also had to wait until all of the software I use would catch up to Leopard.

The time has finally come. Leopard is now on version 5 4 it seems and most of its initial bugs seem to have been exterminated. So this afternoon I finally cleaned up my hard drive (deleted junk, cleaned my trash, removed software I didn’t need), made a full back up to an external firewire drive. I’m now half-way towards making a clean install of Leopard on my trusty 12″ Powerbook. The next step will be to migrate all my files and applications from the external drive. I know things should work fine, I’ve done major OS upgrades before, but I still feel like a parent whose child is having a heart transplant…

PS: did I tell you I might be converting my brother into getting his first Mac? I promised him he would not regret the jump.

Update: Yay! It’s done! Hooray to Apple for creating an operating system that allows you to do a clean install – i.e. formatting the hard drive and installing the operating system from scratch – and then allowing you to migrate everything you had in your old machine without having to re-install a single software. Even the internet settings, desktop picture, preferences, everything migrates seemlessly. That’s why there’s no going back for me.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

3 thoughts on “Upgrading the OS”

  1. In the last days I read a lot of mac stuff in the net. I´ll try to see a real machine working in a store today cos´ here in Brazil you don´t find people using mac, not usually.

    It´s a hard decision to left Windows after so many years working with it, but we must left our minds open for other possibilities.

  2. I understand. I spent months trying to find reasons not to buy a mac before making the switch. Unfortunately, one by one the reasons I could come up with where undermined.
    In the beginning I stuck to cross-platform software – MS Office, EndNote, ProCite and the like – but I eventually discovered the richness of software made only for the mac and now rely on a host of them for writing my dissertation. I use DevonTHINK for organizing my notes, MacJournal for random writing and to backup my blog, Mellel as my word processor, BookEnds to manage my bibliography and references, Keynote from my presentations, and the list goes on… I guess I’m now committed for the long haul.

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