The Visitor

We watched The Visitor tonight. The story of an Economics professor, stuck in an emotional limbo who gets involved in the lives of two illegal immigrants in NY is captivating, powerful in its simplicity, and leave you feeling like you should run and join an immigrants’ rights NGO or something. It’s not surprising it won many awards and scored 92% at the tomatometer. In Toronto, you can still catch it at the Carlton. Don’t miss it.

The Gimli Glider

One of perks of being married to an airplane freak who has worked 37 years in the airline industry is that I have learned not only how to differentiate between a Boeing 747 and an Airbus A340 in flight but I have accumulated an array of airline stories over the years. One of my favourites is that of the Gimli Glider, the Air Canada 767 that ran out of fuel on its way to Edmonton and lost both engines at 30,000 feet. Luckily for all those on bord, the pilot used to be a glider and the co-pilot happened to remember of an abandoned landing strip nearby. Against all odds, the pilot glided the Boeing 767 and landed it safely. None of the people on board were injured and the plane was back in business two days later. It became known in the industry as the “Gimli Glider” after the town where it landed, Gimli, Manitoba. It continued to fly until Air Canada retired it from its fleet a few months ago. Since this week marks 25 years of this famous incident, I’ll leave you with a really cool simulated reconstruction of the event: