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Happy Canada Day!

Canada dayYesterday Canada celebrated its 141st birthday and Canada Day festivities popped all over the city. I didn’t go to any of the main events; rather, we went to our friend HD to visit Fort York and did a bit of cycling afterward. But on the way home, I couldn’t help stopping at Queen’s Park to check out the festivities there. I really enjoy Canada Day. As far as nationalistic holidays go, it’s a very nice one. People are generally in a good mood and it’s nice to spend it in a place like Toronto where we see all the immigrant families and their kids with their flags out, enjoying the day. There are usually big festivals set out everywhere, live music, face-painting, food (nearly free in many places – at Queen’s Park, one could get 10-cents hotdogs)… It certainly beats the military parades with which I grew up. Nothing against military parades, which can be kind of cool, but when that’s all there is to celebrate a national holiday, it’s pretty sad.

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